Neverest to NEPAL 2018

Team Neverest visited Kathmandu again in November 2018 for 2 weeks with a team of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Anaesthetists, theatre nurses and students.

We hosted a 3 day Orthopaedic seminar in Tribhuvan University Hospital including lectures in Hand, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle and Paediatric Orthopaedics, intensive care and anaesthetic complications. We also hosted a drybone workshop on techniques for flexible nailing of Paediatric long bones. Up to 40 surgeons attended.
Team Neverest also attended clinics and theatres in Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital for the next 4 days.
We visited Neverest Foundation Home in Lapsephedi and their school which we equipped with books for their library. Our young team members entertained the younger pupils.
At the Special Education Rehabilitation Centre (SERC), we built an accommodation block to house up to 36 children called the Neverest Foundation Home.
Neverest Foundation is raising money to help build a Spinal Rehabilitation Unit in Chitwan. It hopes to be able to provide ambulances and build a block or two for the hospital.


Neverest Foundation Team 2018

  • Professor Rohan A Rajan
  • Mr James Metcalfe
  • Mr Andrew Murphy
  • Ms Susan Deakin
  • Mr Aamer Ullah
  • Mr Radakant Pandey
  • Dr Sarah Rushman
  • Dr Sujad Kiani
  • Mr Adeel Ikram
  • Mr Joshua Ananda-Rajan
  • Mr William Balderston
  • Mr Kasim Kiani
  • Ms Hannah Rushman
  • Ms Grace Metcalfe
  • Ms Eleanor Bond
  • Ms Isobel Murphy
  • Ms Samantha Alberts
The next visit to Nepal by team Neverest is in September 2019.